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July Was Another Record-Breaking Month for Michigan Cannabis Sales

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Michigan's total cannabis sales had yet another record-breaking month, topping $171 million in July, according to a monthly data report released from the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MMRA).

The data shows that $42.7 million of those sales came from medical cannabis, while $128.3 million came from adult-use.

July cannabis sales are up about 15% from June, which reported $41.6 million in medical sales and $107.3 million in adult-use, totaling over $148.9 million.

Michigan's medical cannabis sales showed a slight decrease from July 2020, which reported $52.1 million; however, adult-use sales have more than doubled since last year, increasing from $57.4 million to $128.3 million.

Cannabis flower dominated both markets last month, making up over $21.1 million in medical sales and $63.5 million in recreational sales. Vape cartridges were the second-highest product sold, totaling over $10.8 million for medical cannabis and over $26.3 million for adult-use.

Edibles were third in line for the record-breaking month, generating $4.6 million in medical sales and $18.4 million in recreational sales.

Flower, vape cartridges and edibles mostly made up Michigan's June medical and adult-use cannabis sales as well, with flower being the highest-selling product and vape cartridges and edibles following.

And the state's cannabis industry produced $23 million in tax revenue last month; $10.2 million in sales taxes and $12.8 million in 10% excise tax, which the state will use towards schools, counties, roads and municipalities, according to a tweet from David Harns, MMRA public relations manager.

As of July 31, Michigan's total medical cannabis sales to date have reached over $1 billion, and adult-use has topped $1.2 billion, according to the MMRA's report.

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